Greece changed me. I am not sure how exactly that happened, but it did.

I spent the last 10 or so years in the country, where the word frappe means more than just a drink. It’s a part of the culture. It’s one of most used words. It’s one of those words, which are recognized everywhere and by everybody. Frappe affects everything here, from weather to population growth. It’s that important.

And still I managed to mostly ignore it. Sure, I had an occasional frappe here or there, but I was neither hooked on it, nor enjoyed it a great deal. Beer, regular coffee, or orange juice – these all were way better for my personal tastes.

And here I am. After just 3 days in Greece, I am frappaholic. Frappaddict. Frappaniac. I can’t live through a single day without at least one frappe. My caffeine intake jumped like never before. In the last week I’ve consumed more milk than I did in my whole life. And with summer coming in, I don’t think there is a chance for this trend to change anytime soon.

So, how do you make your frappe?

5 thoughts on “Frappe”

  1. Heh, I can relate. The frappe is my only coffee intake and I only have it in the summer. After 3pm, I have to use the decaf coffee though. I’m surprised it took you so long to come over the other side!

  2. Vips,

    well, for my regular needs, frappe is actually quite low-caffeine drink, because it’s a whole glass of water or milk with just a couple of spoons of nescafe. I usually have double espresso or huge Cyprus coffee several times a day…

    But lately, something has changed.. and I can drink even more caffeine in frappe now… It’s getting crazy.. 5-7 frappe per day.. I have to cut it down…

  3. You should have seen, how all the group from F.I.T went to Finland having at least two big cans of Nescafe for making frappe – that’s really wondered me, because you, of course, have all types of Nescafe in Finland, though only Cypriots drink it.

    Tea is more popular in this country, and other kinds of soft drinks. A natural coffee is quite shitty here, but drinkable :)

  4. Actually my frape addiction started this year as well, about 1.5 months ago. Now a day without frapedaki is a wasted one. :)

    BTW, have a look at wikipedia’s article about frappe, it was invented by accident. :)

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