Daily tweets

  • Exwebris is no more. We are mmVirtual now. I just published the last post. http://exwebris.com/ #
  • Updated SVN pre-commit hook to fail on empty log messages and Thumbs.db commits.I should have known better… #
  • @atw26: I hear you.Most clients demand a full-blown CMS with all editor options.Although it’s a suiside for their web site. #
  • I just won a fight against mailman configuration. Yey. Recepients filters… #
  • @stepanov: welcome to the club of Twitter drug addicts. There is no way back. Twitter Tools WordPress plugin is the last step. #
  • @stepanov: and there is a really simple and easy to use Perl module to send stuff to Twitter. #
  • I’d prefer not to feel like crap tomorrow.But with this birthday party coming up tonight, I don’t have much of a choice.It’ll be devastating #
  • I just had a really nice IRC chat with a person I saw for the first time.And I’ll probably never see him (her?) again.Cool,but sad sometimes #

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