Are you on Twitter?

Twitter has been the noise of the blogosphere for the last few weeks. Even though the project is much much older than that.

Executive summary: Twitter is a great mix of blogging, instant messaging, SMS communications, RSS feeds, social networking, and fun. It’s sounds complicated and foggy, but in fact is very straight-forward and simple. And addictive. And useful.

Do any of you guys use it already? I’ve only tried it out today. It’s instant love. Despite the fact that their servers are a bit slow today, and my IM integration hasn’t happened yet. SMS works just fine though.

Anyway, I’ll probably post a wider review in a couple of days. Until then, try it out yourself, and let me know what do you think. You can find me at .

5 thoughts on “Are you on Twitter?”

  1. Vips,

    I’ll be definitely writing more about Twitter. It’s one of those wierd times when I can feel a lot, but can’t really explain it. There is a storm in my brain right now with all sorts of definitions, ideas, analogies, and what-ifs flying around.

    Thanks for the link to mamamusings post – it helps the process.

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