“Love” at Limassol Grand Carnival 2007

Either I got older or my organizational skills failed me (most likely) or something else or both, but I forgot to blog about Limassol Grand Carnival 2007. It took place, as usual, over Makariou Avenue, last Sunday afternoon.

Limassol Grand Carnival 2007

This year the theme was “Love”. I don’t very much remember what were the carnival themes of other years, but I don’t find this one to be a very good choice. For many people carnival is the only time a year when they can dress any way they like and when they can be anyone they want. Far too many of them choose to be “sexy girls”. Maybe that’s only in Cyprus, but I don’t know, since I haven’t been anywhere else. I’ve seen about five carnivals altogether, and each one of them had its share of mini-skirts, boobs, butts, and other attributes of “sexy girls”. This year, these were doubled.

Still, I had good time. The weather was perfect for photography and the moods were festive. I’ve noticed more younger people participating – both in the main show and in the crowds along the road.

Also, for the first time ever I’ve actually liked those huge dolls. Not all of them, and not even many. Just one. But it was really good.

I hope the tradition continues. Even though most of my friends don’t feel like getting out into the crowds once a year. And I don’t feel like participating in all the costume show fun…

MIS vs. Computer Science

When I was back in college, we used to make fun of MIS students. We, being the Computer Science students. We were better than them. For those of you, who can’t tell the difference, MIS (Management of Information Systems) is a business-oriented major, which barely touches computers and technology. Computer Science, on the other hand, is all about hardcore. There are business courses too, but they aren’t the “important” ones. This is how we used to have it back then – I don’t know if it’s still so.

Anyway, working busy over the last few years I completely forgot about that clear distinction. Today though, I got a reminder. I was browsing through one of those job directories, looking for someone to fill the web designer vacancy at our company, when I saw the profile of this guy… Take a look at the small part of his profile on the screenshot below.

MIS gratuate

Now, the “gratuate” I can understand. They use it only for about a year during their “gratuate programs” and stuff like that. But “compiouters”? That’s not a mere typo. That one is intentional. That… hold on… I think I understand it now…

Yes! Probably the only thing that guy knows about computers is that they do input/ouput (I/O, IO). So, he maybe thinks that they are called “compIOuters”…

If there is one thing we, Computer Science students are better at, that is have to be “computer” spelling. We’ve been doing it for years. Time after time. After time. Rarely we are allowed to use CS abbreviation instead. Because, you know, it can mean so many things.

Watch history

Somebody asked my mom – in the comments to this post at her blog (I just love saying that) – a question about time keeping in old times. That seemed an interesting topic to spend five minutes on.

If you are to read only one article, I suggest it to be the History of Watches. Here is a somewhat smaller time line. Here is another one. Wikipedia has more about watches.

The executive summary: first pocket watch has been created in 16th century. Until then, everybody used sun dials and other non-precise methods for time telling.

Beep. Beep. The five minutes is over.

Fooling around with Google AdWords

I am playing around with Google AdWords currently. Google surely makes great tools, and Google AdWords is no exception – simple, flexible, documented, with plenty of statistics and reports, as well as a number of wizards… And it integrates nicely with Google Analytics too.

P.S.: If you will see any of my projects in Google ads, please don’t click – I’ll be charged for every click and you will be redirected to the web site that you already know about.