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For the last few days I am occupied with something that I never did before – interviewing job candidates (we are looking for someone experienced in web design).

One thing that I keep hearing over and over again is “I can learn. I am a fast learner”. And that’s one thing that I don’t want to hear.

First of all, we specified it in all ads that we are looking for “experienced” web designer. That means that you already have to have experience and you already have to know your stuff. And you have to be able to prove that you do – samples of previous work and answers to those few technical questions is all I want.

Secondly, it’s pretty obvious that in order to be any good you have to be a fast learner. This might not be true for all industries, but it is for web industry. Web is about the fastest growing and changing thing in the last ten years.

So, here you go – quick tip. I wanted to publish it on the official blog first, but then decided that it would make it too easy to get in…

10 thoughts on “Tip for job candidates”

  1. I think I’ll add a multiple choice question to the interview… Something like: “The main page of our web site features:

    a. moufflon, tradition symbol of Cyprus nature
    b. hedgehog, the only animal with unknown reproduction procedure
    c. this is a tricky question – our company has no web site”


  2. It is very very very hard to find suitable person here. Its a disaster. We even brought one from abroad. It is not only skills but personallity too. Good luck to you Leo I know how its hard.

  3. seems like you’re having a hard time finding the right person

    and hazard is right, ask them if they know what your company does, it’s very unfortunate to hire a person who doesn’t even know what he’s going to work at and work with

    there are alot of experienced individuals around there, so i think you will find the right man soon

    good luck, and be persistent :)

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