Home changes

Today I have seen the most drastic changes to the place where I live since … well, since the time I live here. I’ll try to describe what happens, but I don’t know if you will have enough imagination to draw a picture. I surely cannot express all of these in a photograph.

Anyway, all furniture from the computer room and bedroom is in the living room. Except for the bed, which was disassembled and placed on the balcony. Living room has very little free space. I am writing this post standing behind the computer, because there is no space to fit in the chair. Basically, everything we have in a two bedroom apartment is now in a single room. And I am somewhere in the middle of it.

Ex-computer room, from now own kids room is freshly painted with white all over the walls and and ceiling. It is so bright that it almost hurts the eye, although it is dark there and only one 80 Watt tunsgten lamp is shining. Nothing else in there. Oh, no, wait. There is an empty cupboard. It was too big to move out of the room, so we emptied it to make it easier to move around.

Our bedroom is half painted in the same eye-hurting white color and half patched. There were some scary holes in the walls so they had to be patched. And the patching mastique didn’t dry up so we’ll have to leave it until tomorrow morning. Still, the room looks fresh and clean.

There are a bunch of small changes too. Like our entrance door handle is not falling off anymore. It was properly fixed. Also all doors were oiled and don’t make no sounds. Two of the noisiest doors were patched with special black soft thingies which don’t let them make a sound when banging closing.


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