Really long weekend

I had one of the longest weekends ever. It seemed that I did everything I wanted, then some more, and some more, and then a bit more, and I still had a whole Sunday ahead of me. I guess, my perception of time changed once again. It happens sometimes.

How was your weekend? Did you guys watch any movies worth going to or went somewhere I should go to too?

4 thoughts on “Really long weekend”

  1. Greetings! It was sub-zero here all weekend, so my wife and I mostly stayed home. Took holiday photos of some friends as a present, but otherwise just surfed and did a little work.

    Nice WordPress site! That photo… so… fierce! *grin* the photos of (your?) children tell me you’re not always so ferocious…


  2. Hi Douglas,

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Sub-zero sounds cold. Although, I am originally from Russia, it\’s been a long while since I experienced such temperatures. I bet you have some snow though, which is always fun to have. :)

  3. It IS Cold! Cats are spending a LOT of time perched on top of my computer CPU! LOL! Snow I could live without, I’m Irish-decended and a little cold weather goes A LONG WAY with me. Being Russian I’ll *bet* you’ve seen some cold! But the women and the vodka take the edge off I hear (permanently… :-

  4. Well, the best of what I saw was about -45 degrees Celsius or about -49 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people prefer to be inside at temperatures like that. I was just following the common trend. :)

    Cyprus – my current location – is nice though. In winter, you can drive up to the mountains and have a snowball fight. One hour later, you can be down at the sea shore, swimming and sunbathing. You won’t be too hot though, but some people do it…

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