The shortest Christmas wish list ever

We are have the Christmas wish list Together! at Cyprus Blog Network. Although, I’m admitably late for last week’s topic, I figured I’d have something written before the new topic is posted.

My Christmas wish list is short and generic this year. Not like always. Usually I’d join the shopping rush on the net – surfing from shop to shop, converting currencies, comparing prices, and estimating delivery dates. But not this year.

This year is very different from many other years in my life. There is so much stuff going on that I don’t have the time or the will to sit down and dream about Christmas. I’m having tonnes of fun already.

But since I promised you my wish list, here it goes:

  • Time. I want to have a break. I want to take a few days away from any work related activites and spend them with my family and friends.
  • Money. I want to have just enough money to have a nice Christmas. I don’t want millions or anything like that. Just enough money not to think about them at all, even if for such a short period of time. I’ll earn more later. I know.

As much as these wish list looks generic and cliche, this particular year it’s not so for me. I never wanted those two things so much as I want them now, and I probably won’t want them so much ever again. But this year, this year is different.

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