Three more Flickr goodies

Flickr – the best tool for sharing and managing photos ever – has recently announced three more goodies.

First of all, they introduced a simple and easy way to share private pictures with people who don’t have Flickr account. There is this thing called Guest Pass.

Secondly, they introduced mobile-friendly version of Flickr. You can read more about it here.

And, thirdly, they created Camera Finder, which is a tool that one can use to compare and learn more about cameras that Flickr members use.

All in all, great stuff and much wanted. I myself am particularly glad about the private photos sharing with non-Flickr members feature. Mobile version is nice to have, but with GPRS prices in Cyprus, it’s almost useless to me. Camera Finder will come handy when I’ll be looking for an update to my aging Canon 300D Digital Rebel.

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