A quick reminder about proper language

Joe Anderson reminds why bloggers should use propa English:

Using good English makes your reader find your writing more interesting. Also, it makes it easier for them to understand as they need not translate it. Talking of translating, if you have foreign readers, Google Translate or similar tools can convert proper English better than improper English.

3 thoughts on “A quick reminder about proper language”

  1. Same goes for any language. Posts in porper Russian are by far more interesting and easier to read than those writen with tons of junk language.

    Хатя, я и на падкакаффоском магу песать и четать =)

  2. “падкакаффоском” – replacing “o” letters with “a” – it’s ok, but for the god sake who is “падкака”, with not asking to what corresponds its adjective… 0_o

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