Manager’s main skill – empathy

If you enjoyed those articles, here’s another one for you from Stevey’s Blog Rants. It’s caled (Not) Managing Software Developers

However, I’ll offer you one almost magical tip that can help you smooth over nearly any mistake, a tip that can get you through just about any bad situation. I’ll tell you the tip right now, with no fanfare or ado. This hint is the most important one I’ll offer you today. It’s the secret ingredient to Great Manager Sauce. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to learn. You either already understand it, down in your bones, or you have years of head-scratching ahead of you. The tip is just one word: Empathy.

It’s a nice and easy read, with a whole bunch of useful quotes. And a lot of people linked to this post and followed it up – you can read their responses too.

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