I am back. Stay tuned for lots of posts and photos

Tonight I have returned from my two weeks of vacations in Russia. I’ve been to Moscow (twice), Mezhdurechensk (Kemerovo region, Siberia), and Togliatti (Samara region). I made short notes during my trip that I’ll convert into blog posts. I’ve also made a few pictures which I need to postprocess and upload. I’ll tag all these posts with megatrip2006 tag, so that they’ll be easier to find.

There’s plenty of work to do around the house, and I am still fighting the jet lag, so I’ll need a day or two to come back to normal.

Thank you all for kind words and staying around.

4 thoughts on “I am back. Stay tuned for lots of posts and photos”

  1. Hi there Nid, it’s good to have you back, everyone’s anxious and excited for new updates. Anyway, how’s your wife and lil boy doin? I bet you had a whole lot of blast in your visit to Russia. Have a good day.

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