Trip to Pafos

We couldn’t for the heck of it decide what to do. My mother was a bit tired after the beach. My brother wasn’t too active after his shopping. And I was almost dead after the gym. So it was a good thing for Vladimir to pop up and take control of the situation.

We went to Pafos.

First, we visited the Pafos Aquarium. We all have been there before, but it’s that sort of place that you feel like re-visiting once in a while. I was surprised to see that there were some changes since the last time we were there. Some fish were moved to different watertanks. A couple of new ones added. And little touches were noticable here and there.

Then we took a short walk around the tourist area. It was during the time of Engand-Portugal football match. All the pubs (and mean all the pubs, except that one small and empty place with Greek music) were covered in English flags and were filled with English (and not only English) people. They were cheering and drinking loads of beer. Overall, a very nice atmosphere. Too bad I don’t care about football.

We wanted to sit down somewhere and have a cup of coffee or a soft drink. But it was obvious that unless we were ready to participate in football watching and cheering, we’d have to go somewhere else. And so we did.

Pafor marina is one of my favourite places over there. It’s good for a short walk. There is water. There are boats. There are people. There are caffes. There’s calm and kind feeling about it all.

We decided to have a drink at one of the caffes. Interestingly, things are so packed down there that two neighbor caffes are almos indestinguishable. They use the same furniture, and their tables are too close to one another’s. In order to bring some clarity into it, waiters of one caffe are wearing bright blue t-shirts, while waiters of another – bright orange. Fun.

After the beers, coffees, and juices, we did some more walking and talking, and then returned back to Limassol. Overall we had some good time. We should do it more often…

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