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My dad is getting married. His wedding party won’t probably be anything huge, but there’s a good chance that it will be during the time that I’ll be visiting him with Olga and Maxim. For some reason, I feel really weird. I haven’t yet managed to figure it out – if the wierdness is because of his marriage, or because of his wedding timing.

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  1. give my best wishes to your daddy, i think your weird feeling comes from the fact that he is getting married and you will be dealing with new personalities in your life. be the best that you can tho :)

  2. thank you Sir, it is becoz i know how important family to you as it is to me. i’ve seen how you love your wife and son and maintain a close relationship with your parents inspite of the separation, and your dealings with your friends is kind of cool :)am just simply stating you know how to be humane.

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