And there was great silence…

Either Bloglines does not update half of my feeds or this is the most silent weekend ever. With my 200+ feeds the only things that I get to read are Delicious feeds and posts by a couple of hardcore bloggers who live in a different time zone.

I understand that not everyone can shoot ten posts a day, like I do it. But at least one a day is a fairy deal. Don’t you think? Am I alone on this?

5 thoughts on “And there was great silence…”

  1. oh my problem is that once I get into it I get obsessed and it vacuums up far too much of my time jeopardizing everything else, so I’ve decided to give this week a break! :-D

  2. Er no I meant that I would take a break in the coming week, but I broke the break already by dispensing half a dozen posts yesterday that were lying around as drafts :-P but I hope to be able to stay offline for the rest of the week to catch up with my non-e-life !

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