Mega house clean

I’ll be spending most of today in house cleaning mode. There are two reasons for this. One is that it’s getting difficult to move around the house with all the trash everywhere. Plus all the smells and stinks. The second reason is that my mother is coming today. She is flying from Moscow to Larnaca in the evening, and there is no way I can let her into this mess. Boy do I have a lot of work in front of me!

On the good side though, I can listen to all the podcasts that I’ve been downloading. And that’s about 2 GBytes of audio, most of which is speech. There’s enough content out there for a planet cleaning event, I guess.

Anyway, I won’t be posting much today.

Update: I figured, if I am that much of a blogger, why don’t I just post the updates of progress on the web. So, here it goes. One and a half hour later, I’ve just finished with the dishes. That means, I got rid of 90% of biological weapons and 60% of stinky smells. I am tired, sweaty, and proud. Those damn dishes were depressing me for the last couple of weeks or so. Now they are all gone clean.

Update: 35 minutes later, I’ve picked up all Maxim’s toys and put them in one of the two toy storage cubes that we have. While doing the toys (I just love the expression), I also threw out all large pieces of garbage from the floor and other surfaces. Now I can move on to washing floors – the most difficult part, and the one I hate the most. I guess I need a short break.

Update: I called the airport, and found out that the flight arrives at 18:55. With one hour for the road to the airport, and half an hour for the shower, that leaves me with two hours for washing the floors. Enough, but not that much. I should get going…

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