Finishing stuff is tough

One my problems, that keeps coming up no matter what I do and in which area I work, is finishing things. I am very good at starting new things. I am even good at doing them. But finishing them is a totally other story. One day I’ll be rich and I’ll have the Finishing Assistant, who will be finishing my jobs for me.

I’ve made a huge effort today to clean my apartment. I was working straight for about four hours, doing things that I hate the most. I’ve got one last room to do. And there’s not much to do anyway. I only have to wet mop the floor. That’s it. And I can’t push myself to do it.

I am not tired. I am not too bored. I don’t hate it THAT much. I don’t have the problem with actually doing it. It’s just that there is something in this being the last room. That fact stops me. And I wonder why.

Do you have any ideas?

Update: By the way, I tricked myself into finishing the last room, by counting the balcony as the last room. Balcony is a place I rarely visit, so it can stay dirty for today.

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