Results for the first month

Today I have renewed my gym membership for another 6 month (129 CYP). The first month of my dieting and exercisng is over. Here are a few highlights, for the record:

  • I’ve started with 122 something kilograms. Today I clocked in 112.7 before gym and 111.9 kilograms after. I lost almost 10 kilograms in one month, which is better than was expected.
  • I feel better and healthier. I love walking now, exercising a few times a week, and don’t have any hard times with my diet. Nevermind three or so exceptions during the last month.
  • My physical strength is growing. I am not getting tired as fast as I used to, and I can do more exercises (longer, more weights, etc).

I’ll keep on doing what I am doing for now, as I am pleased with results.

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