Lost in translation

Once again my mobile got disconnected, which proves that I am really really bad with bank account management and shouldn’t paint any illusions.

Anyway, today I went to CYTA to pay my bills. With their new computer systems things are pretty fast now. I am at the counter and the nice lady tells me the outstanding balance, I pay, she gives me the receipt. I know that my mobile will be connected in a few minutes, but just to make sure I ask her “When will my phone be re-connected?”.

Her face lightens up, she looks at me like I am the stupid person on Earth, when most of that Earth population were telling her, that she is, and she says: “Soon!”. I smiled.

Of course, she meant that it will get re-connected very soon, in just a few minutes. But the way she said it… Let me just express it in a better way:

1. Paying the phone bill – 78 CYP.
2. Asking the re-connection question – 0 CYP.
3. Expression on the clerk’s face – PRICELESS!!!

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