Are you a WordPress geek?

Weblog Tools Collection lists a few things to check for whether you are a WordPress geek.  Here is the list with bold items indicating the ones that are true for me.

  1. When the first thing you do at a new blog is scroll down to see who did the theme.
  2. When you mention Dexter Gordon, you have to qualify that he is a saxophonist and not the WordPress release.
  3. More than one of your Twitter saved searches includes the word “wordpress”. (I don’t use saved searches, but if I was, I would have a few about wordpress for sure).
  4. You read Weblog Tools Collection daily and have withdrawal when we do not have a release post.
  5. You visit a well known publisher and can instantly recognize the permalinks as created by WordPress. Heck, if you know what a permalink is.
  6. If all your vacations are to WordCamps. (Not all, no, but I once was at Greek Blogger Camp, which was practically the same thing).
  7. If the word “dashboard” reminds you of the WordPress admin panel.
  8. If you have multiple Google Alerts setup with the word “WordPress” in it. (I used to have it for some time, but now it’s just way too much to handle for me).
  9. If your toddler has a “W” t shirt. (My toddler grew up faster than I ordered one).
  10. If your browser homepage is set to the WordPress Planet.  (No, I don’t have it as a homepage, however I am subscribed to RSS and read through all posts. And I mark this one bold for actually having of my blogs on WordPress Planet)
  11. If you bitch when Matt writes about the Kindle and not about WordPress. (No, I don’t bitch, but I definitely prefer WordPress posts).
  12. If you have tried to convert your day job’s website to WordPress. (Yes, I did. Heck, I even had a couple of day jobs around WordPress)
  13. If you know of Kubrick but do not know who he was. (I know the Kubrick theme and who Kubrick was, but only because I am into movies)
  14. If you spend more time on WordPress Extend looking for plugins and themes than writing posts.
  15. If you have ever met Matt and had a picture taken with him. (Here it is)
  16. If you know what Akismet is. (Who doesn’t?)
  17. If you met most of your friends because of WordPress. (All? No, I’m much older than WordPress. But I met a few, yes.)
  18. If you make your living from WordPress. (Not any more, but I had a period like this in my life)
  19. If your significant other complains that WordPress gets more attention. (Not any more, but I had a period like this in my life)
  20. If you have ever suggested WordPress to others. (Suggested?  I basically push it down their throats.  Every time.)

This can go on forever, indeed.  Have you ever developed a WordPress plugin?  How about a theme?  A widget?  Have you used WordPress for a non-blog web site?  Have you ever used WordPress Mu? Blah blah blah.

And how about you?  Are you a WordPress geek?

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