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For a couple of years now I was having lunch in one of a few predefined places. Goodies, Sam’s food, Everest, Pizza Hut… The usual suspects. With my new diet, I realized that not all of them offer healthy food. Goodies has chief’s salad on the menu, while Pizza Hut offers salad bar. Sam’s food can be considered as a last option too.

Fortunately, I was pointed to a nice little Chinese-Thai spot about 200 meters from our office building. It’s mostly for take away, but they have two or three tables inside, which we can use.

The interior is very simple, the menu is too. Nothing fancy. And all is cheap.

So far I’ve been there twice and I have to say that I am somewhat impressed. The first time I ordered calamari in some sauce. Those were juicy and very very soft calamari. Without breadcrumbs or anything like that. I haven’t tried anything like this in any other Chinese restaurant around here. Purely delicious!

The second time I was there, I got some beef. It wasn’t as spectacular as calamari, but it was pretty good too.

Also, the portions are big enough to have one dish for lunch and nothing else. No bread, not too fatty. With lots of vegetables. This is exactly the kind of food I was looking for.

If you are around – give it a try. It is exactly on the crossroads of the seaside road and Omonia avenue.

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