Done. I am Cypriot.

This is, I guess, the last update to my naturalization saga, as I am writing this with one hand. My other hand is busy holding the brand new shiny passport. It still smells fresh ink (printed today). It has my name and picture in it, together with all the other necessary stamps, signatures, and info.

I did it!

Actually, we did. I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone who helped me get through this from my family and friends to readers of this blog and total strangers. Your support was (and is) very important to me. Thank you all.

Now I’ll have to adjust to the huge size of my new world. Practice suggests that I should consume enourmous amounts of alcohol as soon as possible. See you all later…

9 thoughts on “Done. I am Cypriot.”

  1. Hey, congratulations, to a fellow European!!

    (Does this mean you’ll now have to do army service??)

    Enjoy the alcohol!

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