New Procedures for 2005 Readers’ Choice Awards

Linux Journal has changed the procedures for its Readers’ Choice Awards contest. From now on, if you want to participate, you’ll have to send them a specially formatted email message, instead of using a web form. They have published the instructions here.

I’ve already sent the email to with the following nominations:

e-mail client: Mutt
distribution: Fedora
database: MySQL
backup utility: Tar
network backup utility: AMANDA
audio tool: XMMS
desktop environment: KDE
Linux web site:
distributed file sharing system: BitTorrent
programming beverage: coke
development tool: Vim
text editor: Vim
system administration tool: perl
server: HP ProLiant DL
office program: KDE Kontact
programming language: Perl
instant messaging client: Licq
graphics program: GIMP
web browser: Firefox
blogging software: WordPress

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