Parenting is all about timing

Well, maybe not all, but pretty much…

The other day I was standing in queue to get some Goodies food. Nearby was a little British girl with her grandmother (calm, warm, kind type). The girl was crying slowly – she cut her leg a bit. The grandmother was calming her down, saying that everything will be fine. In the meanwhile, she was also talking to a Goodies employee and sorting through First Aid kit. The cut was treated soon.

They (the girl and the grandmother) have also ordered some food. Goodies has this thing, like many other fast foods, where they give kids some toys or other presents. So, the guy behind a cashier was offering a few colorful lego kind pieces in a plastic bag. The girl refused. Her grandmother noticed a small pink doll standing nearby. The doll was broken and useless. The grandmother asked the guy if there were any other dolls. Few seconds later, the girl was given a brand new little pink doll, which she obviously liked.

And then came the best and most unexpected, but never-the-less touching moment. The grandmother paused for a little while to give the girl some time to enjoy the doll, and than said: “You see, sweety, you have to ask.” That’s it.

This one phrase was very brief and to the point. And it was perfectly timed. I am more than sure that later this girl will totally forget the episode (probably she already did), but the lesson will stay with her for the rest of her life. It was the best time ever to make the point, and the grandmother used it and did it in the best possible way.

Respect! For you, mam, I take off my (imaginary) hat.

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  1. this is a very nice story, thank you for sharing give my happy mother’s day greetings to your mom and wife. more power to you and everyone.

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