It’s all in your head. Or not.

On my way to work today I was thinking about attitudes. I’ve read it many times that it is somewhat possible to control how good or how bad your day is going to be by just adjusting your mood and attitude in the morning.

I decided to run a small experiment. I chose to set myself for a negative day. I thought that I would do anything bad on purpose, and I won’t focus on anything negative, but I’ll just imagine that I’ll have a bad day today.

It worked! I had one of the worst days ever!

Three minutes after I set myself for a bad day, I almost ran into an accident. Not my fault – someone else travelling on a red light. Just a few millimeters more and I’d spend my day talking to police, insurance, and car service.

I came to work. What was the first thing that happenned? I got a warning from my manager. It was regarding one of those things that everyone does and noone notices. Ever. Our all department was doing it for the last two years, at least. Management decided to change that, and started from today and me. And it’s not even a Monday or the first day of the month. Wow.

Then I got into three awkward situations with my collegues. Out of nothing. Three in a row.

Then I realized that there were some problems with my paperwork down in the HR department. For the first time in three years or so, I had to go to Limassol Immigration Office (for those of you not in the know – this is one of the worst experiences you can have in Cyprus as a foreigner). And they weren’t all that glad to see me either.

I came back to the office just to find out that there was further misunderstanding between me and our HR department. Yey!

By lunch time I was so fed up with all of it that I was re-programming my mood and attitudes. I needed some good. I absolutely had to get some.

After lunch, bad stuff slowed down, but not completely disappeared. I managed to get back home, where I realized in full how terrible my day was.

I don’t know if all of these were a coincidence, but I am not playing with my luck again. From now on – positive all the way!

Did you guys have any similar experiences?

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