Total moon eclipse tonight

Total moon eclipse is currently in progress. Usually news like this come for people living in other places, but this time we got lucky.

I’ve found out about the eclipse too late to document the whole process, never-the-less I’ve made few pictures from the roof of our office. Too bad my 75-300mm lens is still in clearence office, so I had to use the 18-55mm kit lens, which is awful for such things. I think I will publish all pictures by tomorrow, since I am not planning on doing any post-processing at all.

Currently the moon is totally covered by the Earth’s shadow. It will stay like this for another hour or so.

There are a lot of articles and news reports on the web which cover the places and times of where and when the eclipse will be visible. Here is a link to a CNN report. And here is a Haaretz Today article, which describes the eclipse from the point of view of Israel – and that is very close to where I am. :)

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