I did number 3. I did number 3. I did number 3. Is that 3 already?

I used to hate cross-postings, but now I’m doing it myself. The reasons are obvious though – I am trying to build a moment for my podcast. Show #3, ladies and gentlemen. Start your podcatchers.

P.S.: I promise, I’ll stop one day.

2 thoughts on “I did number 3. I did number 3. I did number 3. Is that 3 already?”

  1. I used to do the weekly Linux Radio news cast. I don’t know if a podcast is easier or harder to produce, but I burned out after 6 months on it. I was working all alone, so didn’t have much support. Good luck I will have to put it in my podcatcher.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    thanks for stopping by.

    I don’t know either if podcast is more difficult to produce than what you did, but it’s pretty simple. It takes me less than an hour to produce a podcast, and I am a newbie. :)

    By the way, I’m reading your feed for a year or so now. I think it’s excellent. Maybe we can combine forces somehow to use your material in a podcast way. That is if you are interested. Just an idea. ;)

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