I still love you

You, my dear readers, might think that I don’t like you anymore. (I don’t publish as often as I used to. My post got shorter. And I tend to talk about obvious things too.)

That’s OK. I understand.

The truth of the matter is that I am extremely busy recently. And my blogging mood has changed significantly. I don’t post one entry a day anymore. But I still think of at least one every day. They accumulate in my brain and I post them later in bunches. I was doing this always to a certain degree.

It got a bit more difficult recently though. You see, I tend to rethink things that are in the pipeline. And with all my busyness lately I have a huge stream of incoming data that changes many aspects of my thinking. So instead of just writing up the post, I rethink it and put it further down the queue tagged “needs more work”. Many posts stay there until they expire.

Expiration feels very bad (like a lot of lost effort), but it is probably a good thing after all (less junk unleashed onto the world).

Anyway, I hope that this is temporary as so many things in the world.

P.S.: If you are too annoyed by this, here is a hint: there are so many good blogs out there…

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