Skype with SkypeOut

Continuing my Skype saga…

I’ve finally fixed the headset at the office. Again, it turned out I had two sound cards – it’s just one of them was disabled completely. Instead of trying to please the SoundBlaster Live! I turned that other one on, and it worked like a charm. Damn Creative. Every time I try to use – I have a problem.

So, anyway, with all the headphones and microphones working, I decided to go further along and buy some SkypeOut minutes. SkypeOut minutes allow one to call from Skype (read: computer) to any regular or mobile phone. Anywhere. Dirt cheap.

I used my PayPal account to buy a 10.00 EUR credit. It worked like a charm. I made a couple of test calls around. The quality is OK. The additional benefit is the anonimity. The calls are not signed with any number, so if you want to call anyone anonymously – here is your option.

That’s it for now. Soon, I’ll tell you about things that I think suck in Skype.

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  1. There are companies offering kind of service similar to SkypeOut, but cheaper, like However the audio quality sometimes is worse than in Skype (however in most cases decent enough). Also, do not provide a client for Linux. On the other hand, they use IAX (or something) – one of the standard voip protocols and there are lots of open source clients available for it.

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