How far can you throw this?

Maxim has acquired a new skill – throwing. For a long time now he was dropping things, studying the effects of gravity forces. He would pick up something, move it up and release it then, watching how different items fall differently. If an item (like a sock) would get stuck somewhere, Maxim usually picked it up again and dropped it again, just to see the completed path.

These last couple of days he realized that throwing things (in other words, applying force and direction) is much more fun. The concept is new to him and provides for the most entertainment. So far he doesn’t even care where the object will fly and how far. Just the idea of supplying it with a lot of force is fullfilling. After every launch Maxim laughs maniacally and applauds himself.

We have all kinds of things flying all over the place now. Everything you could imagine from toys and books to socks and plates. It feels like being in the cheap war action movie or a family scandal comedy. Really. That much fun.

And then there are more teeth coming…

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