Mokh is back

[bofh]mokh returned back to Cyprus a few days ago. He’s going to be here with his family for a long time. He is still arranging for the basic needs – Internet connection, phone, and a place to live, so we didn’t have time to chat a lot yet.

But something tells me that my gaming days aren’t just over yet. It’s been a while since I had a railgun in my hands. I was living in piece for years now. But the time of war practice has come. We’ll be doing a lot of shooting soon.

Want to take advantage of me? Start your practice now… before I do.

4 thoughts on “Mokh is back”

  1. [bofh]mokh is a friend of mine, who used to live in Cyprus about three-four years ago. We played a lot of Quake III at the time – and he was a motivator for a lot of people to enjoy the game. He left and lived in Moscow since then, but now he’s back. ;)

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