The Lockdown

Starting from today, we’ll be on permanent home lockdown. Gone are the times, when our front door was open day and night. Never did we lock it no matter where we were – inside or outside. But that is gone. At least for those times when we are inside the house.

Sound weird to you? Well, the reason is rather simple. Maxim learned how to open the door and how to walk of it. He did it by accident yesterday. Today though he does it with more comfort and confidence than Olga and I combined. It almost looks like he installed this door himself.

So we’ll have to lock the gate the outside world. He can still watch it through the windows. And he’ll figure out the computer is connected to a global network pretty soon. And when there is a world at your knees, who needs to go outside?

2 thoughts on “The Lockdown”

  1. I am not surprised! He is your son. One Sunday morning I was terrified when our neighbour found you at the children playground next to our house at 6a.m.! But you were about 3 years old when you could unlock the door! Your life is becoming more interesting!:-)

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