One million blogs

One Million BlogsI’m sure by now everybody knows about One Million Pixels project. Interesting idea that earned the guy even more than a million dollars and that will make you go “Oh, Jez, why didn’t I think of it first?”.

The idea was so simple and effective that several projects spinned off of it. Some are simple copies. Others try to apply the same idea to something other than pixels.

One of these new projects got my attention – One Million Blogs. Instead of pixels it tries to sell one million spaces for blog links. If you have a blog, you can pay $1 and get linked to from that site. You will even get a 30×30 pixel square for your logo, or whatever else you want to place in there. Saying that they want to see one million blog links together, and not only one million dollars, adds a nice touch to the project.

One Million Blogs

In fact, I liked it so much, that I immediately sent them my $1 USD (via PayPal). Within a few hours I’ve got a reply confirming my transaction. I emailed my ugly face downsized to 30×30 pixels and this blog’s URL and got linked. I even received two personalized buttons – my number is 52 – that I can use anywhere to link back to One Million Blogs. Since I am not using buttons on my site, I’ll save them in this entry.

Check it out. While you still can find me in there…

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