The Alamo

Wathed “The Alamo” on DVD.

It is an OK-kind of film on dramatic historical issues. It displays a story of Alamo town during the times of American-Mexican military conflicts. I wasn’t aware of the historical background for this film, and I am still not too interested in it after watching a film.

There wasn’t much of a story to act upon, so there wasn’t that much of great acting. Billy Bob Thornton (recently seen in “Bad Santa“) and Patrick Wilson (recently seen in “Angels in America“) are the only two people I have recongnized from the cast.

Battle scenes were pretty good. Again, though, I am not qualified to comment on historical accuracy of items and wear displayed, but it all looked appropriate to me.

If I were to make this film better, I would add something to the story line (like a drama or more character development) and made the film slightly faster. 6 out of 10.

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