The first tantrum

As with many other first things, I missed Maxim’s first tantrum. Olga told me all about it though and somehow I don’t feel very sad that she was in my place.

It happened today in the park, while they were taking their regular walk. Maxim was using something unstable as support and Olga moved him away to for a safer environment. He bursted into cry and shouting. It was so extensive and unexpected that Olga stood frozen. Stairing at him. It must have been quite a sight, because Maxim got amazed by the look of his mother and stopped unreasonable behaviour.

So Olga was caught unprepared by Maxim’s tantrum, and Maxim got caught unprepared by a puzzled look of Olga. I guess they saved each other from an overload, although none of them actually understood what was happenning at that moment.

I guess we’ll see some more of this in the near future. The time has come.

2 thoughts on “The first tantrum”

  1. When you were a baby I was shocked when you fall onto the floor like you were unconscious. Your grandmother beleaved you but when I was going to take a belt you suddenly was getting better. It is funny but children tries to know this world through their own experiece. :-)

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