Jing mo gaa ting

House of furyWhile I am on the subject of Chinese movies, I remembered that I watched “Jing mo gaa ting” (“House of Fury”) the other day.

Directed by: Stephen Fung
Genres: Action, Comedy
Cast: Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Stephen Fung, Michael Wong, Gillian Chung, Daniel Wu, Charlene Choi, Ma Wu, Josie Ho, Jake Strickland, Jon Foo, Philip Ng, Jason J. Tobin, Asuka Higuchi, Kar-Ying Law
IMDB raintg: 6.2
My rating: 6.0 [rate 6.0]

This is a Chinese version of Spy Kids series where children go on a mission to rescue their parents who, it turns out, are superspies or things like that. This film doesn’t have so much special effects as Spy Kids, or at least it doesn’t make them so obvious. It is a fun film with few jokes and mostly easy going, albeit a little slow sometimes.

It also has plenty of excellent martial arts – some are done very seriously, others as a joke.

Overall – a very enjoyable movie if you like this type.

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