Mokh is back in town

My old comrade and clanmate – mokh – is back in town. He came with his family for a one week vacation. We called up our other gaming friend – prog – and had a small reunion in Chesters Bar. Boy, time does fly!

Unfortunately I had to leave early for my night shift in NOC, but we managed to have a couple of hours of quality time. Mokh brought some good news – there is a chance that he will move back to Limassol, Cyprus together with his family. The issue is still open, but they will decide within the next six month. Maybe they will even be here for New Year’s.

Regardless, it was great to see these guys after such a long break. Many things change around our lives, but the fun of our relationship still stands. That’s good to know!

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  1. Hi i am a mokh family member from lebanon,middleast..i have lived in BOSTON,USA for over 15 years,,i would like to meet some of MOKH family members from other countries,,,,,awaiting

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