Becoming a celebrity

I feel like I am becoming a celebrity. People started to recognize me on the street because of this website. Today I had the second incident in my life when someone knew who I was without me or anyone else telling. The guy just came up to me and said “Hi, Leonid. How’re you doing?”. I was standing there speechless with a puzzled look on my face and a question in my eyes. Luckily, the guy felt the need to explain – “I’ve recognized you from the picture on your website”.

One day I’ll either get used to it, or get a heart attach, nervous breakdown or some other unpleasant medical condition…

8 thoughts on “Becoming a celebrity”

  1. Hehe…

    Sanjay – the world is getting smaller, so the chances of us meeting somewhere someday are increasing with every day. :) Oh, and we’ll have to exchange the autographs too, as I am a big fan of yours. :)

  2. hmm yeah I guess it is getting smaller… time will tell!

    Man I find it pretty scary whenever someone says they’re my fan (which thankfully happens only rarely) – it gives me some sense of responsibility that I could well do without ;-)

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