The geekiest present ever

To celebrate Maxim’s 6 month birthday today, we gave him the geekiest present ever – the nuclear scan of his kidneys. That’s far from your average baby toys and clothes. The procedure involves some of the most advanced technology in the nuclear medicine. And there was more involvement in the process than just watching or laying in some scanning machine. The radioactive substance had to be physically injected into Maxim’s body two hours before the scan.

Anyway, both Olga and I were scared and worried getting him this present, but everything worked out good. The procedures weren’t painful or harmful in any way. Maxim didn’t even cry once during the long day. He was even happy with his present – he laughed and smiled often, touching the scanning machine and playing with the drain off his leg.

Olga and I got relaxed after we realized how simple the thing actually is. We made lots of jokes, calling Maxim names like “nuclebaby” and “chernokid”. Since all the radioactive stuff will come out via natural ways, we were kidding about “nuclear waste dump” in his dipers.

Gladly, we are back home. Maxim feels fine. And we are expecting the results of the scan in about one week time.

2 thoughts on “The geekiest present ever”

  1. Happy birthday, Maxim and his parents too!
    I hope everything will be OK with his kidneys and next present will be a big cake which he will be able to eat with pleasure.

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