Pediatrician yet again

Today we took Maxim for his yet another pediatrician check. Everything seems fine with him. He gained about 400 grams in weight during the last month and now weights 7750 grams. He is 67 centimeters long too. These measurements show that his development is normal.

Also one additional ultrasound examination was made to check upon his internals. Nothing bad came up, except, of course, for his lowered kidney, which we will examine in more detail next month.

Dr.Simos gave us a small lecture on how to feed Maxim foods other than breast milk. He gave us a few different favours to try (promotional material).

During the next two weeks we are supposed to give Maxim some rice (not a real thing, but a melted flavour) for his second feeding. That’s easier said than done. How are we supposed to know which feeding is the second? And it also sounds like it always happens at the same time, which it isn’t. Anyway, we are supposed to give him this food starting with two-three spoons and feeding him breast milk afterwards until he’s full. Gradually we should increase the dosage of rice and decrease the dosage of breast milk.

After two weeks we should start with the fruity mess. It is a different kind and should be given to Maxim for his fourth feeding. Again, we should gradually increase the dosage. There are also two different kinds of fruity mixes – one with three fruits and another with five. We should try the one with the three fruits first. Dr.Simos also said that if we want, we can feed Maxim real fruits instead of this artificial crap. All we have to do is put some banana, apple, and pears in the blender and blend them into a total mess. :)

Dr.Simos expects Maxim to switch from milk to rice and fruits for his two feedings a day completely, i.e. not eat any breast milk during those two feeds. That’s one tough goal I tell you. I hope that Maxim will like his new food, otherwise we are going to have a big problem.

Tomorrow, we’ll visit Jumbo for some plastic plates and spoons and some extra accessories. Any suggestions before we go? :)

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