Statistics refreshed

I’ve installed a couple of statistical plugins.

  • SearchHistory. It lets me see the history of searches that were done on this site. The results are available only to me via the Administrator interface, but I thought I’d let you know.
  • Counterize. This is yet another counter of visitors. Again, mostly this is for myself, but you can see a short summary, which I added to the Statistics page.

Now I know all about you…

6 thoughts on “Statistics refreshed”

  1. I am confused by your statistics page! Why do
    * Total Visits From Your IP Address* (* Since July 24th, 2005)
    * Visits From Your IP Address Today
    have the same count? I am fairly certain that my ip address has not changed since yesterday (though I could be wrong – I can’t remember what it was yesterday but the last 3 digits seem the same).

  2. It probably did change. I don’t see any problems with two static IPs that I am using. And the code behind it is really very simple – not much of a space for a bug…

    If you could write down your IP and the stats for that address on one day and than check that it works on the next day, we could catch and fix a bug together. Assuming its there. :)

  3. i check it today as i decided to use the statistics page to figure out the latest comments and it did indeed change. so apparently I was just on drugs at that time =)

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