Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Maxim was getting ready for a roll for some time now. He could almost do it. He could lay on his side for minutes, trying and pushing, and trying and pushing againg. But he never did it from start to finish on the plain surface.

Few minutes ago I put him in to bed. He was half a sleep and I thought that he would fall asleep in a second. I went back to the living room and enjoyed the silence for a couple of minutes. Than I heard some strange sounds coming out of the bedroom. It was Maxim. He sounded like he was doing something. Something hard. I went back to check upon him and guess what I found…

Maxim was completely awake. He was laying on his belly with both of his legs between the wooden bars of his bed! And he was trying to crawl away. That part failed, of course, as neigher of his legs could push him away from anything.

So, today we mark an important milestone in Maxim’s development – rolling from back to front. Starting from today we’ll have to give him even more attention as he can roll-n-fall. But both Olga and I are very glad anyway. We’ve been waiting for this day a long time now.

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