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I was thinking about the ways of integrating my Delicious bookmarks with my blog lately. I didn’t want to syncronize my bookmarks into WordPress links. And I didn’t want to create an RSS link list either. I had it before and it didn’t prove useful. Finally, I think the best way to integrate the two is in the form of daily link dumps, which will be regular posts featuring a list of bookmarks I made during the day. This way it will be simple, static, and automatic.

I didn’t have to spend a lot of time looking for (or, dare I to mention, write) the appropriate script. The one was available here. With small modifications I guess it will do the job.

Let me know if the dumps will get too annoying and I will switch them to private posts.

Update: You can get my version of the script by clicking on yadd.php. My changes are as follows:

  • Added WordPress post statut configuration variable. Originally, the script was publishing post. With the configuration variable it is easy to make script create drafts or private posts.
  • Integrated the patch by Zach Paine which prevents the creation of empty posts on those days when no links were posted to Delicious .
  • Made the Extended field to be only printed when it is non-empty.
  • Added optional tag linking. The variable $tag_link is about 10 lines below the rest of configuration because I didn’t bother to spend any more time on the script. Set the variable to 'yes' for the script to link tags. Otherwise it will leave them in plain text which was the original behavior.

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