Soap Opera

The TV was on and there was this soap opera that goes on and on for years and years. One of the characters is supposedely a successful businessmen, owner of a large corporation and multimillioner. The same actor was noticed in a very similar role in another soap opera.

I haven’t seen many multimillioners in my life, but I am pretty sure neither one of them looks and acts like that guy. Actually he resembles a multimillioner and a successful businessmen much less than I do. And I don’t. At all.

Now imagine a guy, who has two jobs for years – playing a role of an extremely rich guy in some cheap soap opera. Every day. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Financial difficulties are probably not a strange thing to him. And yet he has to go to his job ever day and pretend that he is a rich guy. And than he has to go his other job and pretend that he is a rich guy again.

I think that jobs like this, repeated for a long period of time, can mix with the real life really badly. Depressions, alcoholism, humiliations… Tough choice. Still, better than no job at all.

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