Anoter soap opera

There was this other soap opera on TV today. It looked like something Mexican about some old Mexican war times. And there was this fight, a duel even, between an old and wise guy and a younger one. Both of them were military men – generals or something like that. It looked like they were really close. Maybe a father and son, or maybe very close friends. And they had this fight on the bank of the river. Swords. Suddnely, the young guy cuts the right upper arm of the old guy.

Dramatic pause. They look at each other.

Then there is blood, coming out of old guy’s mouth. MOUTH?!! Yes, mouth. And he falls, like he’s dead or something. Straight into a shallow river. Than he mumbles something. I guess he said something like “Enough of stupid fighting”. The young guy picks up the swords and throws them away. Than he uses the right upper arm of the old guy to pull him out of the river. Than, he picks up the old guy, puts him on his shoulder and carries him like a dead lamb.

I stayed and watched for a few more minutes. The old guy survived. Thanks God. I was getting warried for him. With this wounds in the arms you never know…

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  1. If you know CPR or even basic biology then you should know that there is a main vein in each arm that pumps around 8 pints of blood a minute or something like that.

    Note. The average adult has about 10 pints of blood.

    Conclusion that guy would be dead in minutes. But then again it’s just TV

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