Schuh des Manitu, Der

Schuh des Manitu, Der (2001)Watching a movie once in a while can do some good. This time I saw something random – “Schuh des Manitu, Der“.

Directed by: Michael Herbig
Genres: Comedy, Western
Cast: Michael Herbig, Christian Tramitz, Sky Dumont, Marie Bäumer, Hilmi Sözer, Rick Kavanian, Tim Wilde, Sigi Terpoorten, Robinson Reichel, Oliver Wnuk, Irshad Panjatan, Tim Sikyen, Robert Alan Packard, Salvatore Pascale, Antonio Ramirez
IMDB raintg: 6.4
My rating: 6.0

First thing that made me glad about the DVD is that it had an English audio track. The film is originally in German and, although I learned some at school and with porn movies, I’d have some difficulties understanding all of it.

The movie turned out to be a pretty good comedy. It is a parody on all those Hollywood westerns with Indians, cowboys, saloons, etc. Some jokes were original while others repeated some other movie. The costumes and set decorations were pretty good. The music was amazing, especially those hard rock bits in the beginning of the film – outstanding!

The amount of jokes per unit of time got slightly less towards the end of the movie (oh well, it happens so often), but it was pretty good to start with, so overall it wasn’t boring.

I’d recommend the film for some easy watching with beer.

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