Vitals Meme

Few bloggers around the web had this quiz answered, so I decided to do it too. If nothing else, I will link to it from my About page.


Name: Leonid Mamchenkov
Gender: Male
Location: Limassol, Cyprus
Height: About 180 centimeters, but it’s been a long time…
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: Sometimes gray, sometimes blue
Is your hair long or short: Long. I cut it once a year when it gets close to my butt.
Tattoos you have: None.


Are you still in school: Nope.
Favorite Subject: Computers.
Least favorite subject: Maths, physics, chemistry, and pretty much everything else.
Do/did you buy lunch or bring it: I never brought my own.


Number: Changes all the time. 7, 13, 108, 333, 666, 1024, one billion million, etc.
Clothing: Jeans and t-shirts.
TV show: Friends, Punk’d, and anything about students.
Fruit: Pears
Movie: Kill Bill, Life is Beautiful, Life is a Miracle.
Scent: Most of the stuff my wife uses and, recently, baby cosmetics.
Color: Dark blue.
Season: Winter. Sometimes spring.
Holiday: New Year’s Eve.
Thing in your room: My son.
Author: I haven’t done reading in some time, so I don’t know my current taste.
TV channel: I don’t watch much of TV, but if I do, Discovery and National Geographic would be my choice.
Shape: Cube
Time: Evening, night.
State: I didn’t like USA. Limassol area in Cyprus does just fine.
Disney character: None. Shrek was pretty cool.
Scary movie: Blair Witch Project


Hot or cold: Cold
Winter or summer: Winter
Spring or fall: Spring
Shakira or Britney: Shakira
MTV or VH1: MTV, since I don’t have the slighest idea about VH1
Rollerblading or skateboarding: Skateboarding. All the way.
Black or white: Black.
Orange or red: Red.
Yellow or green: Yellow.
Purple or pink: Purple.
Cell phone or pager: Cell phone.
Powerpuff Girls or Charlie’s Angels: Charlie’s Angels.
Scooby Doo or Dino: Neither. Dino if you insist.


Are you a vegetarian: Hell no!
Do you like cows: Sometimes. I do prefer pork though.
Are you a bitch: Nope.
Are you artistic: I like to think that I am.
Do you write poetry: Yes. Haiku in instant messaging or stories for my son.
Can you ski: Yes. But I don’t like it.
Are you British: Nope.
Are you straight: Yup.
Are you evil: Nope.
Is Britney a whore: Nope. Anyway, how the hell would I know? :)


Have you ever been in love: Yes.
Do you smoke: Not anymore.
Do you smoke weed: I did a few times. Not anymore.
Crack, heroin, anything else: Nope.
Beer good or beer bad: Beer is excellent.
Are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: What’s a wine cooler?


Thing you ate: Spaghetti with cutlets, salad.
Thing you drank: Water.
Place you went: Office. Passed by Martin’s DVD club.
Thing you got pierced/tattooed: Nothing. I come in one piece.
Song you heard: Something from Baby King.
Person you instant messaged: DemonF.
Person you laughed with: my wife, over my son.


What are you eating: Pear.
What are you drinking: Nothing.
Any shoes on: Nope, I am at home.
Hair: As usual, in the ponytail.
Listening to: Nothing.
Talking to anyone: Nope. Everyone is sleeping.


Last Cigarette: A few years ago.
Last Alcoholic Drink: A pint of beer with my dinner today.
Last Car Ride: Home from the office.
Last Good Cry: When watching “Life is a Miracle” a couple of weeks ago.
Last Library Book: A Complete Guide To Photography
Last book bought: Ansel Adams “Negative” (on photography)
Last Book Read: Some book on parenting. Don’t remember the title.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Ocean’s Twelve
Last Movie Rented: Hitch (seen) and Merchant of the Venice (not yet seen)
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Fuck. Or shit. How the fuck do I know? I can’t remember all that shit.
Last Beverage Drank: Coke.
Last Phone Call: To my mother.
Last TV Show: Something about students. Don’t remember.
Last Time Showered: Hmm… a couple of days ago? No?
Last Shoes Worn: My only snickers. They are dead for the last thee years, but I still love them.
Last CD Played: CD? With all the mp3s around who needs CDs?
Last Item Bought: Bread and milk.
Last Download: I am doing a few all the time. Some WordPress plugin probably.
Last Annoyance: My collegue’s office phone having the same ring type as mine.
Last Thing Written: A couple of posts in this blog.
Last Key Used: To the apartment.
Last Sleep: Yesterday (technically) morning. From 6 till 8 in the morning.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Vanilla. About two weeks ago.
Last Chair Sat In: One of our new chairs at the dining table.
Last Webpage Visited: BlogLines and my blogroll.

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