Catch a Poo

Today Maxim invented a new game. Actually, I don’t know if it is completely new, but he didn’t have any communications with other kids and noone who came to our house taught him it, thus I assume that he invented it. It is called “Catch a Poo”.

The game is simple, but is a lot of fun and helps to develop prediction skills. Two teams can play, which can be one person or more each. One team, which was represented by Maxim today, lays on the changing table and holding legs up tries to poo everything it can. The other team, which was represented by me, has one diper which must be used to catch all the poo. For more fun it is recommended to switch off the lights and play in the dark. For even more fun it is recommended for the Poo team to have diarrhea.

It has been a while since I did any sporting activities, so I lost completely. 2:0. In the first round Maxim managed to poo his bed, all the blankets, his clothes, and a stock supply of dipers. In the secod round he confirmed his victory by drawing a line on the floor, marking the termometer and destroying a bunch of wipes.

Even though I am sad because of the loss, I have to admit that he was really spectacular. He was so powerful and fast that I alsmot went to look for my Physics textbook. I wanted to check that he is not braking any rules or anything.

I also felt better when I saw how happy Maxim was about his win. He was smiling all the way, waving his hands and legs and shouting “Agu! Agu! Aaaa! Agu” cheerfully.

2 thoughts on “Catch a Poo”

  1. lol you seem to be having a great time dealing and playing with the new game Maxim created..well that’s what really parenting’ll get surprises each day for the new developments..wishing your family harmony and love

  2. Thanks Rhynn.

    Well, parenting is lots of fun – let me tell you that. Also, it can be hard sometimes, but the only way to overcome the difficulties is to add a bit of humor to it. Makes it so much easier. :)

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