Maxim hasn’t seen much outside of our apartment. He has visited the pediatrician’s office and has been in the park and at Molos promenade. Today we took him to Jumbo hypermarket. Jumbo is the huge shop that sells kids’ products – toys, clothes, furniture, school items, etc.

Maxim slept through most of it though…

Olga and I though saw Jumbo in the new light. Firstly, we noticed how badly the shop is organized. There are rows and rows of products, but there is no signs indicating what is where. There are no resting places, like caffeterias or benchs. This is especially hard for the pregnant women to take. The tired ones are sitting on the floor.

Secondly, I noticed the looks of pregnant parents. I remembered how we were walking around Jumbo, when Olga was pregnant and how we were jelously looking at all young parents. We were checking all the kids, inspecting what they have, what there parenst are buying for them, how they behave, etc. Today we were walking around thinking nothing about anyone else, just choosing things that we need to buy. But all the pregnant parents were staring at us, at Maxim, at what we do and how we do it. Heh. The cycle of life…

Thidly, or course I noticed something obvious, something that always happens with Olga and me when we go shopping. We went to Jumbo to buy few specific items. When we walked out more than an hour later, we bought a lot of other stuff. But we haven’t bought anything from the things we intended to.

Overall, of course, we had lots of fun. Is there any other way you can spend time in the supermarket full of toys for all ages?

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