Five weeks

Maxim is five weeks today. He is old enough to have his birthday milestones be measured with months, not weeks.

I am always amazed by how slow time goes by when I am taking care of him. Days crawl. When evening darkness comes I can barely remember everything I did during the day. Yet, when another milestone reached, like today, I am astonished by how much has been done and how fast Maxim is growing. I am paying a lot of attention to all his changes from day to day, but I don’t notice all of them. He learns something new every day – a new move or a new sound. Some of these pass unnoticed at first. But than, he surprises me. If I missed a new sound, he surprises me with three new ones in few days. If I missed his new move, he surprises me with a new rolling thingy he learned to do. When I think about everything he learned to do and everything I learned about babies in general and him in particular, I am amazed at how fast the time goes by. Paradox.

I am trying to blog everything, but I miss bits and pieces. And I feel how they get into routine and how they would get forgotten. Like the corn he got today on his upper lip from sucking too hard. Or the fact that he absolutely and totally loves bathing and how he immidately calms downa and shuts up when put to bath. There are heaps and bunches of these details and I can’t possibly write them all down. But I am trying.

It is also fun to read my previous posts. I don’t have much of a history with Maxim blogging, but there are already parts that I find useful and entertaining. This is rewarding. I’ll keep doing it as long as I can.

Because before I will know it, I will be celebrating his five years birthday. I can feel it coming already…

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